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Overview about the donations. says that OpenSPS has a value of  26715 US $. Since this OpenSPS release the code base has more than doubled. 66 % of the users are professional users which earn and/or save money due to OpenMSR.

We had more than 4000 downloads of OpenSPS and OpenMSR. About 70% professional usage means about 2800 professional downloads. If everybody would donate just 1 €.....

But aside from the support of the Vendors which donated their hardware I had absolutely no other donations. And these vendors have the advantage that they can better sell their products. A lot of hardware a bought on my own !

I have supported more that 100 users over EMail and helped them to solve their problems.

Please support me and my project by donating any amount. Only with your help this project can live

Use the PayPal donation module in the right menu, and donate any small amount to further support this project with a few clicks in a minute.

Be fair and donate !


Thank you

Hartmut Eilers


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